Exotic Fruit Tour

From: $40.00

Colombia has some of the most unique and exotic fruit you will ever see!  Come learn about and taste them!
We visit a local market to walk through the large and very lively markets, see the fruit stands, speak to the vendors, learn about the different fruit, their origins and then taste them. It includes up to 10 types of fruit: maracuyá, guanábana, lulo, tomate de árbol, mango, pitaya, carambolo, chirimoya, chontaduro, granadilla, guayaba, mangosteen, uchuva. This is a great way to see Medellín through a local’s eyes!
The tour is 3 hours.
Group Tours: $125.000COP/person.
Private Tours: $170.000COP/person. 2 person minimum for Private Tours.


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